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Why This Conference?

Every Great Public Policy Started With An Individual With A Good Idea.

Sure, our stories are powerful but so are our ideas!

This conference is your chance to brainstorm, discuss, learn, and form personal calls to action. You'll then take your case to your legislators.

We are more than our stories.  Let the idea sparks fly.  Let the ideas be heard.

This is true grassroots advocacy!

And it works.  

The woman who invented the wild idea of an ALS Caucus participates every year.  Last year two members of that very Caucus joined MTOS.

Four years ago somebody said, "Why aren't we asking for twice that?" when we discussed DOD ALSRP funding.  We did and everyone else followed.  Sometimes it just takes somebody asking a good question.

Three years ago there were spirited discussions (pros and cons) of public funding for Expanded Access Programs.  And ACT for ALS has followed.

What's next?

"Lobbyists call on me.  Corporations call on me.  Large groups call on me.  Seldom do individual citizens come and talk to me, and when they do, I like it and I like to talk to them and listen." 

A Member of Congress to an Individual ALS Advocate 

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