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February 6

The virtual format will be similar to the in-person format we have used in the past.

10am - 1230pm, EST- Every participant will share briefly whatever public policy issues are important to him or her.  We will divide up the available time equally.  No Powerpoint.  No fancy presentations or long speeches.  It's a chance for YOU to tell others what YOU think is important.  No interruptions.  No discussion.  We'll save questions and discussion for later.

1230 pm - 115 pm, EST - We'll take a quick lunch break.  Nothing fancy for the in-person participants.  Think sandwiches, chips, pop.

1:15 - 4:30 pm EST - We'll have discussion on what we heard from everyone.  An experienced facilitator has volunteered her time to help us learn from each other.  We don't have to all agree.  This day is about sharing and refining YOUR calls to action.


February 7
This is YOUR day to speak from YOUR heart on Capitol Hill


This is your time to contact your legislators and let them know what matters to you.

Personal conversations with legislators and their staffs are important, and this is your chance to be center stage and speak to your issues.

The talking points are all yours!

What might we talk about?  It's completely up to you.


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